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Feed BUnk Epoxy

Durable, chemical resistant epoxy that can be applied to new or existing feed bunks. Providing a smooth, clean surface for animals to eat off

Why coat your feedbunks?


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Bredale Farms

"We had a 20 foot section installed in our old barn 2 years ago. We noticed the cows went to eat off this section first. This was a product we had to have when we were building our new barn."

-Ben Bredenof

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MCM Holsteins

"We are very happy with our epoxy installation. The cost was a concern at first, but ever since the installation the feed stays noticeably cooler and fresher, even our feed rep has seen the difference! We are plan on putting coating down for any of our future builds."

- Mark Kostering

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Vanboven Dairy

"After having our cows in the barn for 6 years the concrete was so pitted we had to scrape quite aggressively with the loader bucket to keep it clean. Kale resurfaced it for us 1 year ago and it is still easy to keep clean with just a plastic scraper. We also noticed the cows spend way less time licking the floor and go lie down when done eating. Definitely worth the investment!"

- Ben Vanboven

Coating vs concrete temperature test

Did you know coating keep your feed significantly cooler? 

As the concrete heats up so does your feed, causing nutrient degradation.


For example, high temperatures break down vitamins and amino acids, reducing the feed's overall nutritional value

Benefits of applying epoxy to your new build:

1. Less product & prep = lower cost.
2. No disruption to your herd.
3. Prevention. By applying to new concrete you’re protecting your concrete and saving yourself a repair down the road.

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Diamond Floor Coatings Feed Bunk epoxy flooring

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