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"We had a 20 foot section installed in our old barn 2 years ago. We noticed the cows went to eat off this section first. This was a product we had to have when we were building our new barn."

-Ben Bredenof


Chilliwack B.C.


"When we decided to put epoxy in our new barn we wanted to ensure it was professionally installed. We chose to go with Fraser Valley Epoxy for our installation because of the quality of work and professionalism they provided. Kale Holteen listened to our needs and provided a preventative solution to our problems. He was very honest and easy to work with throughout the entire installation. We will be using Fraser Valley Epoxy for our future installations."

-Derek Arends

Abbotsford, B.C.


 "When we applied the equalization coating in our feed alley, we immediately noticed that the cows cleaned up the feed much better with less refusals. It has now been almost 5 years showing no signs of wear and tear besides some discolouration. We have since done another part of our barn with the same results."

-Bill Klop

 Agassiz, B.C.


"I've been very happy with MS Equalization Epoxy coating on feed bunk floor. Feed doesn't heat up on summer days. Cows get served fresh feed on a clean "plate" every day."

-Tom Maljaars

Chilliwack, B.C.


"I used to feed twice a day to prevent heating in my feed. After I installed the epoxy I now only feed once a day and notice my feed stays much cooler and fresher." 

- Alex Klop

Agassiz, B.C.


"After having equalization coating installed on our feed alley, we noticed our feed bunk is much easier to clean. We noticed the feed stays cooler and fresher, because of that, there is much less wasted feed."

- Brian Goertzen

Chilliwack, B.C.


"We bought a new farm recently and the feed alley was very pitted, I saw the epoxy product at several farms and wanted to do the same. I heard good reviews from the farmers that had it done. The first application didn't pan out and looked pretty bad because of the old cement and the off gases that were coming through the epoxy. I voiced my concerns to Kale, and the following day he came up and reapplied the epoxy free of charge. Kale went above and beyond to keep his customer happy. I highly recommend working with Kale, he will make sure you're happy with the end result. 

- Pete Hanson

Lumby, B.C.


"Equalization coating is a fantastic product that keeps our TMR smelling fresh, even in hot weather. If high quality feed is your goal, this product is a must to prevent heat and bacteria from degrading your cows ration!"

- Albert Klop

Chilliwack, B.C.


"After having our cows in the barn for 6 years the concrete was so pitted we had to scrape quite aggressively with the loader bucket to keep it clean. Kale resurfaced it for us 1 year ago and it is still easy to keep clean with just a plastic scraper. We also noticed the cows spend way less time licking the floor and go lie down when done eating. Definitely worth the investment!"

- Ben Vanboven

Vancouver Island, B.C.


"Cows deserve to be fed on clean dinner plates! We put MS Schippers alley coating on our feed alleys 3 years ago and looking back that's the best thing we did for our cows intake and health. I'll be honest, up front cost when pricing it out kind of raised my eyebrows, but believe me it works and in the end it puts more milk in my tank!! What convinced us is when we compared new concrete which would be like an old floor with alley coating, to an existing feed alley, only 5 years old, you don't need to be a scientist, doctor, or even have bad eyesight to see the difference. We remember cleaning the alley with the  bobcat and having one side of the skid steer spinning where the feed was because of the slimy, stinky build up on the concrete that was pitted out. Even the smell is enough for a cow to determine eat with her nose plugged. So believe me it was worth every dollar it costs to install it."

- John Klop

Hope,  B.C.


"We are very happy with our epoxy installation. The cost was a concern at first, but ever since the installation the feed stays noticeably cooler and fresher, even our feed rep has seen the difference! We are plan on putting MS Epoxy down for any of our future builds."

- Mark Kostering

Chilliwack, B.C.

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