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Durable, chemical resistant epoxy that can be applied to new or existing feed bunks. 

Provides a smooth, clean surface for animals to eat off. 

By creating a smooth, clean surface for your animals to eat off of, there will be less sorting and less wasted feed; meaning big savings for your farm! With only a 1% increase in dry matter intake, your product will be paid for within the first year


Proper nutrition is the foundation for a cows lactation. As the concrete heats up, heat sensitive proteins in the feed are denatured. As a result, the quality of proteins are being diminished long before cows get a chance to eat them.  By maintaining a cool and microbial resistant surface, you will ensure that the nutrients you are providing your cows will stay in their feed

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


We guarantee your feed will stay cooler, fresher and a higher quality, especially in warm temperatures

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


With a clean plate your cows will noticeably clean up their feed better than before

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


Very high chemical and mechanical durability will prevent pitting, chipping and deterioration of your concrete 

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


We are able to apply our coating systems to new or existing barns and will schedule around your needs


Bredale Farms 

"We had a 20 foot section installed in our old barn 2 years ago. We noticed the cows went to eat off this section first. This was a product we had to have when we were building our new barn."

- Ben Bredenof 


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