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Durable, chemical resistant epoxy that can be applied to new or existing feed bunks. Provides a smooth, clean surface for animals to eat off. By creating a smooth, clean surface for your animals to eat off of, there will be less sorting and less wasted feed; meaning big savings for your farm! With only a 1% increase in dry matter intake, your product will be paid for within the first year

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


We guarantee your feed will stay cooler, fresher and a higher quality, especially in warm temperatures

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


With a clean plate your cows will noticeably clean up their feed better than before

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


Very high chemical and mechanical durability will prevent pitting, chipping and deterioration of your concrete 

Green Gardening & Landscaping Service Bu


We are able to apply our coating systems to new or existing barns and will schedule around your needs

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Bredale Farms

"We had a 20 foot section installed in our old barn 2 years ago. We noticed the cows went to eat off this section first. This was a product we had to have when we were building our new barn."

-Ben Bredenof

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MT Cheam Farms

"When we applied the equalization coating in our feed alley, we immediately noticed that the cows cleaned up the feed much better with less refusals. It has now been almost 5 years showing no signs of wear and tear besides some discolouration. We have since done another part of our barn with the same results."

-Bill Klop


MCM Holsteins

"We are very happy with our epoxy installation. The cost was a concern at first, but ever since the installation the feed stays noticeably cooler and fresher, even our feed rep has seen the difference! We are plan on putting coating down for any of our future builds."

- Mark Kostering


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